It is an integrated system of 3 big business processes, that is Maintenance, Logistic, and Procurement. The maintenance of Main Equipment and Weapon System as a strategic asset which owned by the Indonesian Air Force requires a management system in each of its activity in order to prolong the Main Equipment and Weapon System’s lifetime.


ILSMS Screenshot


Managing primary data and historical data of personnel, such as promotion data, education and displacement, to facilitate the search of historical life of personnel and other normative data accurately, quickly, and completely.

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A war-game simulation system to train strategy and military operation’s plan, the preparation and execution of military operation in Staff and Command College of Indonesian Air Force.

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An integrated asset data management, to optimize the arrangement, operational, and the maintenance of distribution network assets, GIS-based (map), and equipped with network connectivity analysis.

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A mobile-based system for capturing data (coordinate, textual, multimedia) in accordance with real condition on the field, and equipped with map-based monitoring view.

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