Infoglobal is a defense industry in Indonesia with focus on: avionics, radar integration, weapon control system, and defense application.

Invite Indonesian young professionals who have passions to fill these following positions.

Programmer ( Front-end Developer )

(Code: FED)


- Have experience against modern clientside javascript framework (reactjs, angular, ionic etc)
- Have the ability to create a good website using html, css, javascript
- Has a good standard to make good user exprience to our design
- Can make a consistent and maintenable design
- Able to create responsive website without depending on existing css framework
- Able to use css preprocessor (SASS, SCSS, LESS, STYLUS)
- Education Min. D3 Informatics and placement in Surabaya

UI Designer

(Code: UID)


- Able to present the results of design and problem solving is good

- Have experience on html, and css

- Have experience in making wireframes and prototyping

- Familiar with adobe CC, illustrator, etc.

- Education Min D-3 Informatics

- Placement of Surabaya

Web Java Programmer

(Code: PWJ)


  1. Basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOM)
  2. Basic knowledge of RDBMS query (SQL)
  3. HTML and Javascript
  4. Basic Java knowledge ( Collection, Annotation, Java Web Application )
  5. Spring Framework Knowledge:
  • Knowing the concept and implementation of Spring MVC REST web service and web application
  • Knowing the concept and implementation of web-socket
  • Knowing the concept and implementation of security spring
  • XML and Annotation based configuration
  1. Education Min D-3 Technical Information
  2. Placement in Surabaya.

Send CV, Photo ID Card Copy, Photo Self and application letter along with the accessories with the position code on email subject to:
(Email maximum 750Kb, 750Kb Exceed will not be processed by the system)