1. Identify aircraft that illegally trespass the sovereign territory of Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Simulation tool of combat aircraft in performing Ground Control Intercept (GCI).
  3. Tool for ATC Officer in monitoring aircraft traffic from and to an airport.
  4. Tool for flight school in flight technique’s training for beginner/basic/advance.
  5. Education facilities for ATC flight personnel.
  6. Investigation facilities in case air crash occurs (recording/playback).
  7. Compatible with various radar such as Plessey, EV 720, EV 760, PR 800, Asterix, Cardion, NEC, Aircat.
A geographic map-based aircraft traffic monitoring system that displays radar data captured in real time and integrated.

TDAS is able to integrate both military and civil air radars, provide Flight Plan and Flight clearance, so the entire aircraft traffic in the sovereign territory of Republic of Indonesia can be monitored in one screen and real time.

Diagram TDAS