Infoglobal is a defense industry in Indonesia with focus on: avionics, radar integration, weapon control system, and defense application.

Invite Indonesian young professionals who have passions to fill these following positions.

Quality Control Electronic

(Code: QC)


  1. Candidate must possess at least Diploma 3 in Mechatronic Engineering,
  2. Have Good analytic and logic thinking. 
  3. Mastering and understanding microprocessor systems. 
  4. Able to design microcontroller system .
  5. Active, communicative, and collaborative on teamwork. 
  6. Loyal and consistent in finishing the assignment. 
  7. Able to design analog and digital electronic systems.
  8. Interesting to develop software of quality control. 
  9. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. 


Job Description :

  1. To prepare the test plan along with development team. 
  2. To conduct testing to item produced.
  3. To find application defects. 
  4. To work closely with the development team to make test bench.
  5. To work by applying company’s standards and procedures.
  6. Work in dynamic condition at Company Workshop or On-Site.

Web Java Programmer

(Code: PWJ)


  1. Basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOM)
  2. Basic knowledge of RDBMS query (SQL)
  3. HTML and Javascript
  4. Basic Java knowledge ( Collection, Annotation, Java Web Application )
  5. Spring Framework Knowledge:
  • Knowing the concept and implementation of Spring MVC REST web service and web application
  • Knowing the concept and implementation of web-socket
  • Knowing the concept and implementation of security spring
  • XML and Annotation based configuration
  1. Education Min D-3 Technical Information
  2. Placement in Surabaya.

Send CV, Photo ID Card Copy, Photo Self and application letter along with the accessories with the position code on email subject to:
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