Surabaya, 29 August 2022

Boeing Team Supplier Assessment Visit

Marketing Infoglobal
Infoglobal team take a picture with Boeing team (29/08)

Infoglobal receives a visit from the Boeing team on August 29-30, 2022. This visit is welcomed directly by the Director of Operations of Infoglobal, Bagoes Soediarto at the Infoglobal Workshop in Surabaya. The visit is in order to conduct an assessment of the capabilities and facilities owned by Infoglobal in developing and producing avionics.

Infoglobal has successfully developed avionics, some of which can be used for the Boeing 737-200 military transport aircraft, namely the EFD-6.0 and DDSC. EFD-6.0 is a navigation display for Boeing 737-200 aircraft. Meanwhile, DDSC or Digital Data to Synchro Converter is an avionic that can be used to convert digital data (ARINC 429 interface) into analog data (synchro) on Boeing 737-200 aircraft.