Surabaya, 30 September 2022

The Head of Codification Centre Baranahan MoD RI Visits Infoglobal

Marketing Infoglobal
Head of Puskod Baranahan MoD RI Laksma Teguh Sugiono visit Infoglobal Workshop for assisting and verifying the codification data of NSN system on Infoglobal Products (28/09)

The Indonesian Ministry of Defense Baranahan Codification Center (Puskod Baranahan Kemhan RI) Team arrives at the Infoglobal Workshop in Surabaya on September 28, 2022, led by the Head of the Codification Center Baranahan Ministry of Defense RI, Laksma Teguh Sugiono, who is welcomed directly by Bagoes Soediarto as Infoglobal's Director of Operations.


The arrival of the Codification Center Ministry of Defense RI team in order to assist and verify the material codification data of the Nomor Sediaan Nasional (NSN) system on Infoglobal avionics products. NSN system is a management system for providing standard codes for material supplies that are uniform, universal and can be applied to various kinds of national industrial products.


A total of 9 avionic products will be verified its technical material codification data so that the products will be registered in the NSN system. The products include: EFD-6.0, EFD-5.5, FMD-A13, DDSC, CIMD 10.4”, EDD, IESD, FRT SYSTEM, and CAMERA SYSTEM.

Previously, some Infoglobal products had NSN registered, including: WCB, WPI, DEI, FND, RMU, MPCD, RCM, DVR Hawk, and Pilot Display Unit (PDU) as avionics products, and also Active splitters and Radar Receiver, as radar data processing products. Infoglobal also has the NCAGE (NATO/National Commercial And Government Entity) code, which is 0664Z.